SPark Workshop Members

Many of our Members offer their services on a per-project basis. Please contact our members directly with your requirements.

Amelia Toelke:

Arielle Toelke:

Kurt Perschke:

Fallen Industry:

Sean Kryston:

John Harris:

gCreate 3D Printers:

Eun-Jin Kim:

Brianna Coughlan:

Jamie Wallace: WallaceMade.NYC

Crossley Acoustics:

Connect with SPark Workshop Brooklyn

SPark Workshop Brooklyn
33 34th St Ste. 2
Brooklyn NY 11232
(917) 548-7487

Classes at SPark Workshop Brooklyn

Cutting Board Workshop | Intro to Woodworking | Wood Carving for Beginners

These classes will familiarize you with SPark’s shop and the basics of wood working.
New classes starting in September!

If you’re interested in any of our classes email for more information.